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Entering Hungary during Coronavirus Epidemic

Entering Hungary during Coronavirus Epidemic

2020. július 21.
3 perc

Consistent with the current pandemic situation in Hungary the University of Szeged is planning to start the education in the Academic Year of 2020-2021 in the form of the regular face-to-face learning on September 7th.

Therefore, when making travel arrangements, one needs to take into consideration that according to the latest information provided by the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, the government is introducing international travel restrictions with the aim of preventing a new wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

It is crucial to check the latest updates on the entry requirements published by the Hungarian Consular Services in your country before planning your travel to Hungary.

Since regulations often change due to the current epidemic situation, we also ask you to regularly check the website of the University for relevant and up to date information on the requirements of entering Hungary, furthermore the messages sent via Dream Apply and to your e-mail address, and if you are an enrolled student, messages sent via Neptun.

Below please find an outline of the current regulations:


Entering Hungary (as of 17 of July)

The Hungarian Government categorized countries and regions into 3 types according to their level of COVID-19 status: green, yellow, and red.

- Green stands for safe/lightly affected countries or regions.

- Yellow is for moderately affected countries or regions.

- Red countries or regions are the most affected countries or regions, with the highest counts of newly infected.


Students coming from green countries or regions can travel into Hungary without any restrictions.

Students travelling from countries or regions with yellow and red status shall be subjected to special medical checks and will probably be ordered home quarantine for 14 days at their place of residence in Hungary.

Students who are entitled to stay in Hungary for more than 90 days, are allowed to enter Hungary even from the so called classified countries (green, yellow and red), provided they present upon entry a valid official permit (or D type visa) issued by the Hungarian immigration authority, proving their entitlement to long-term stay. However, when entering Hungary, they shall also undergo special procedures.

Students not falling into the above category, are required to fill out a “Leniency Application” in order to cross the border.


Quarantine and COVID 19 test

(For students from countries or regions with yellow and red status)

As per the current regulations, students should expect medical checks at the border and 14 days of home quarantine. Since the period of the compulsory quarantine can be shortened by presenting two negative COVID-19 tests results, the University also provides testing for its enrolled and enrolling students.

In order to ensure the effortless and smooth enter to Hungary students are expected to have two negative COVID test results 5 days prior to the travelling, 48 hours between the tests. For the details please check the Hungarian Consular Services in your country.


The University will send out a survey soon to all prospective and senior students with the aim of making it as easy as possible for them to enter Hungary and get enrolled at the University. Therefore, we kindly ask you to check your DreamApply/Neptun messages and e-mails regularly.

We are trying our best to make your journey and staying as smooth as possible. Looking forward to meeting you here soon.

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